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There are several ways you can help support Gleanweb: by making a donation, becoming a sponsor, registering a crop, or providing equipment and supplies. We are also looking for location scouts and glean leaders.


Donations can be made through our PayPal account using this button:

If you wish to donate by check, please make it out to GLeanweb and send it to:

1665 Cottage St SE
Salem, OR 97302

Become a Sponsor

Businesses who donate $500 or more per year will be recognized and thanked as a major sponsor on our website, and in our emails, newsletters, social media and press releases. Your sponsorship funds will be used to:

  • Buy tools and equipment
  • Furnish snacks and drinks to volunteers
  • Provide gas allowances for volunteers delivering to food missions
  • Purchase or install refrigerated storage
  • Sponsor an annual volunteer and farmer farm-to-table thank you dinner

Gift certificates are welcome!

Be a Glean Leader

Offer to be a Location Scout or Glean Leader. For more information, please contact Dick at

Provide Tools and Supplies

Tools and supplies we are currently in need of:

  • Hoes
  • Picking knives
  • Milk crates and produce crates
  • Cardboard produce boxes
  • 1 or 2 gallon buckets
  • 30 gallon trash bags (to retrieve field canes/vines for livestock feed)
  • Garden hods
  • Egg flats or crates
  • Wheelbarrows and garden carts
  • 5 to 20 pound scales
  • A large scale
  • Walkie-talkies
  • Field office supplies – clipboards, plastic page seals, markers, heavy duty rubber bands, Calculators

Gift certificates are warmly appreciated.