GleanWeb is an award-winning resource for gleaning organizations. It provides independent websites that manage scheduling, crop, harvest and volunteer information. Each organization has a customized, dynamic website using the GleanWeb platform. Active installations of GleanWeb sites can be found at GleanSLO, Salem Harvest, Boston Area Gleaners, Backyard Bounty, Harvest Pierce County, Community Services of Moses Lake and Community Harvest. In 2015, organizations with Gleanweb websites donated more than 1,021,000 pounds of food. To read more, click on the 'About' link above or see an informational video here.

Or try out GleanWeb by clicking on 'Organizations' at the right, selecting 'Willamette Gleaners' on the next page, then the 'Administrative' button, and signing in with the username 'guest' and the password 'guest'.

Organizations pay only the cost of domain registration and web hosting, typically less than $80 per year. If you are interested in a GleanWeb installation for your gleaning project, write to Dick Yates at

Volunteers working together to harvest food
that would otherwise go to waste